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Daily Stats

Making smart profitable decisions for your business requires accurate and up to date stats. Strategic decisions start with knowing your numbers and that doesn’t mean last months, last weeks or even numbers from a few days ago, but todays’ numbers. You need today’s revenue, today’s refunds, overhead costs, conversion rates and ticket averages. And that’s why Fully Accountable provides accurate daily metrics.

Customized Daily Stat Delivery

One of the most common complaints heard from business owners we work with is that they don’t have the need or the desire to review financial documents, but mostly because it’s tedious and time consuming, but even more so because it’s confusing and complicated.

Most small business owners are experts in their product or service, they are not accounting experts. The more time you have to spend scouring over facts and figures trying to find the hidden meaning is time you have to take away running and growing your business.

That’s why at Fully Accountable we don’t just hand you pages of incomprehensible numbers for you to decipher, we take the time to write you a daily email, breaking down all of the important information for you.

We get right to the point and tell you what it all means, what metrics you should be paying attention to, and how it affects your business. We can also customize our summary any way you need us to, so that you always see what’s most important to you.

With your daily numbers fully summarized at your fingertips, delivered by our team of expert business consultants at Fully Accountable, you’ll always know exactly where your business is on any given day, giving you the ability to make decisions with confidence.