No matter the size or scope of your business you can benefit from the same level of guidance and strategic business planning that comes with a Fortune 500 caliber CFO without having to pay a CFO salary. Our CFO’s are available daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you have questions. You only pay for their expertise as you use it, and only when you need it.

Hiring an in house CFO is a huge commitment for any business. While it has its benefits, it also comes with a large salary. From our experience most small and medium size businesses simply don’t need a full time CFO.

At Fully Accountable our CFO services provide experience and expertise equal to any full time CFO at the largest companies in the world without the cost. Our CFO’s work with you in the most efficient way possible, either on-site or remotely. No matter your preference you’ll get the expertise and guidance, when you need it and on your terms.

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve experienced tremendous company growth after starting small. As their businesses grew, their understanding of their company’s financials began to suffer. They began feeling overwhelmed and realized they no longer had the control they once did. Here at Fully Accountable we help businesses not only grow, but we help them manage their growth and stay organized by offering financial services to meet their demands.

We are often called when a business owner needs to streamline their systems and procedures to ensure that they are always making well informed and strategic decisions. We take away the confusion, the worry and the stress associated with not knowing your numbers. Our CFO services give you piece of mind and a level of confidence only the largest companies enjoy.

A common question we get from many first time clients is “will you actually help us solve our problems or will you simply give us the information to do it on our own?” Here at Fully Accountable you’ll never be given raw data and a check list. We’ll roll our sleeves up and get to work right alongside of you, with the financial information as a guide. You can rest easy knowing, the end result will be problems solved.

What is a good time to get a CFO?

  • When profits aren’t what you think they should be
  • When you need strategic planning help
  • When you need an expert to hash out your ideas
  • When you need in-depth financial analysis
  • When managing your finances takes too much of your time
  • When your current financial systems don’t produce timely or actionable results
  • When you feel that your current business structure isn’t facilitating growth
  • When you can’t determine what factors are contributing to growth and which are stifling growth
  • When your business is growing without a growth blueprint
  • When you are looking to acquire outside funding
  • When you are considering selling your business
  • When your decisions are tied directly to the accurateness of your financial data
  • When you need an expert to negotiate with bankers, vendors, regulators, unions and other 3rd parties
  • When your onsite financial staff needs guidance or proper training
  • When you need the guidance of financials for specific actions

What Does Your Very Own Fully Accountable CFO Do?

Financial Analysis and Operational Results Analysis

Our job as your CFO is to perform regular in-depth reviews of your financial information always looking for trends, processes that are inefficient and opportunities for you to make better and more informed decisions for your business. We can also apply the same level of expertise in analyzing your operational systems.

Strategic Financial Planning

We dig deep into the inner workings of your business. Together with you and your employees we’ll work to identify factors that influence your businesses growth and overall success. Armed with that information we’ll put together detailed financial projections giving us the ability to strategically plan the future of your company.

Opportunity and Risk Analysis

We provide expert analysis of your current business and the overall industry. With that information in hand we can identify both risks and opportunities that can affect your business immediately and in the future. We’ll then work with you and your team to create a plan of action to navigate around the risks and seize every opportunity available to you.

Maximize Overall Profitability

We’ll perform an in-depth audit of your entire business operation, looking for inefficient systems, snags and bottle necks that are costing you profits. Once we’ve identified these pitfalls, we’ll work with you to implement solutions both in the way of new processes and more productive systems.

Systems Assessment and Development

We’ll assess your current business systems to ensure efficiency and accuracy. We’ll also create and implement systems not currently in place to improve overall productivity. Things like your financial accounting system, cost accounting system, accounts payable, purchasing processes, operational processes and much more.

Budget Process Development and Maintenance

We will maximize and trouble shoot your current budgeting processes, and if you don’t currently have any in place we’ll build them from scratch. We’ll work with you and your team to create a budget in line with your companies past performance and its future goals.

Financial Projections and Cash Flow Projections

Nothing gives you greater piece of mind then knowing your numbers. We’ll work with you to create financial and cash flow projections that will allow you to determine your current cash flow and what is expected in the future. This type of information gives you insight into when it may be time to hire additional employees, add more equipment or invest in additional resources for your business.

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

We’ll monitor all of the critical factors involved in assessing how your business is performing and its future projections. Evaluating key performance indicators is much more advantageous over simply monitoring financial statements, because financial statements evaluate how your business performed in the past while key performance indicators let you know what’s currently happening in your business. This information can be used to predict the future health of your business. Every business has different key performance indicators, things like inventory levels, sales operations, backlog statistics, cash collections, distribution items and order taking. We’ll help you figure out which are most important for your business and help you implement solutions to monitor them.

Business Growth Planning

We’ll create an in-depth business growth plan that will allow you the opportunity to strategically plan ahead. Using this plan will give you insight into knowing when to acquire cash, add staff, implement training, create more distribution channels and much more. With a solid well thought out plan in place, you’ll have a road map to a more profitable future.