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We did it again! Two-Time Best-Selling Author, Vinnie Fisher, teams up with CFO, Chris Giorgio to deliver this powerful, no non-sense book on how to pay yourself first!

This will help you be proactive in your business by making forward-thinking decisions that help you keep more of the money you make.

FALSE PROFITS: It’s not the Top Line that Pays You!

You’ll discover it’s not the top line that pays you but the bottom line that leads to your true wealth.

False Profits: It’s Not the Top Line that Pays You!

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It’s Not the Top Line That Pays You!

False Profits is unique because it is written by a CEO and CFO, who, historically, have very different perspectives when it comes to running a business. However, with much debate and testing of theories, they’ve come together to figure out how businesses can make true profit. Since their revelation, they felt required to release this book so that they can help other owners succeed with their REAL numbers.

Here Are Some Things You’ll Discover:

  • Reversing the Formula
  • Establishing a Target
  • Understanding Where Your Cash Went
  • Get the Real Numbers in Real Time
  • What is a Good Tax Strategy?
  • What Accounting Method is Best for Your Company?
  • Know if your company is structured correctly
  • Accounting Vs. Finance
  • And MORE!
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Vinnie Fisher is a businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father, and author. A lawyer by trade, Vinnie practiced business and tax law for almost 10 years before he left his practice in 2007 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In late 2014, with a collection of successful startups under his belt, Vinnie started A Better You Publishing. He launched his first book, The Best Investment: A Better You, in February 2015.

Chris Giorgio

Chris Giorgio is a husband, father, and CFO. His finance career began at a national accounting firm, but it wasn’t until he partnered with Vinnie that he realized there were some core needs the finance and accounting industries just weren’t fulfilling. Since then, Chris is determined to revolutionize the way accountants perform by equipping them to become Trusted Advisors.

This book will help you make forward-thinking decisions in your business so you can keep more of the money that you make.

This is your chance to claim the best business book of the year.