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In the consumer packaged goods industry, you have to stay on top of numerous financial components.

Complex manufacturing procedures, international business obstacles, and devising a marketing strategy all take considerable time and resources. Adding financial planning and accounting to the list can often prove overwhelming.

That’s why Fully Accountable specializes in providing accounting services for consumer packaged goods companies.

We understand how to control your trade spend and know how to position you for financial success. Whether you need a financial controller or a more advanced solution like a fractionalized CFO, Fully Accountable can take care of all your financial bookkeeping and strategizing.

Come see what the digital experts at Fully Accountable can do for you and standardize your financial procedures.

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What are Consumer Packaged Goods Companies?

Consumer packaged goods companies manufacture products and sell them to retailers, who then resell them to consumers.

The manufacturing process for consumer packaged goods is complex. Consumer Packaged Goods companies are worldwide, and they manufacture products targeted for retailers. These retailers who then sell them back to the consumers at a lower price point with higher profit margins.

The Consumer Goods industry is one of the most influential sectors in today’s economy. These companies have been around for hundreds of years, although they primarily sell fast-moving products such as food, drinks, or cleaning products. Today, they market using a variety of traits.

Fully Accountable Manages Your Trade Spend

Training Should be Your Central Focus

CPG companies have to understand their trade spend from the ground up. When you use Fully Accountable, you have access to accounting partners who don’t need ERP and TPM systems trading. You also don’t have to worry about implementing systems of record. We standardize your trade spend to help you focus on what’s important- growing your business.

Simplify Your Deductions

As a CPG, you need to understand how to spend wisely. You simply can’t afford to lose out on deductions. From the deals made by sales reps and brokers to prior year deductions, some deductions can get lost in the shuffle. When you use Fully Accountable, nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Always know what your sales team commits to and forecast your targeted spend based on base sales.
  • Have a reliable system in place for all deductions that come through accounts receivable.
  • Establish clear guidelines for all brokerages
  • Fully Accountable’s team plans for post-audit deductions

Bridge the Gap Between Sales, Accounting, and Finance

When you use Fully Accountable for your accounting services, you get access to accountants, controllers, and CFOs who have established communication and directives. You’ll never worry about departments working toward conflicting objectives.

Our team identifies your goals, devises financial strategies to meet those goals, and delivers in a readily communicable manner. Have promotional calendars and forecasting models available at all times and enjoy the communication skills of an accounting team that knows how to adapt to the increasingly data-driven world of bookkeeping.

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Outsourced Accountants

Consumer packaged goods companies have complex accounting and financial needs. Why waste valuable resources and time trying to get all your departments on the same page? Let Fully Accountable take care of your complex accounting needs. We issue daily, weekly, and monthly reports that ensure you stay on track with your financial forecasting. At Fully Accountable, we make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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CFO Advisory Service

Fully Accountable provides more than data and bookkeeping. Regulations change, and trade spend isn’t easy to navigate. Have our CFO advisory services give expert guidance to help you thrive in a constantly changing business environment.

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Finance Department

Outsourced finance departments are especially useful for consumer packaged goods companies due to their extensive planning needs. Our firm consolidates all of your financial activities and issues reports and advice for forecasting, budgeting, daily stats, and financing. When you use Fully Accountable, you not only have access to a vast array of the most advanced financial technology. You also get advice from fractionalized CFOs who understand your industry inside and out.

Do you have a Consumer Packaged Goods Company?

The financial team At Fully Accountable can take care of all your needs.

Schedule a Call with one of our experts today, so we can understand your needs and devise a financial strategy that fits your consumer packaged goods business!

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