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Vinnie Fisher

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Rachel Phillips

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Logo Files

FA Logo - Main

Default Version for white & light backgrounds

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FA Logo Dark Backgrounds - Main

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FA Logo Vertical - Main

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FA Logo Vertical - Main

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FA Logo Icon - Main

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FA Logo Icon - Main

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FA Logo Icon - Main

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FA Logo Icon - Main

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FA Logo Icon - Main

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Primary Colors

FA Blue

  • CMYK = 51 | 0 | 5 | 0
  • Pantone = Pantone Blue 0821 C
  • RGB = 108 | 208 | 237
  • HEX = #6cd0ed

FA Black

  • CMYK = 72 | 61 | 60 | 51
  • Pantone = Pantone 447 C
  • RGB = 54 | 59 | 60
  • HEX = #363b3c

Neutral Colors

FA Oxford

  • CMYK = 56 | 44 | 43 | 8
  • Pantone = Pantone 444 C
  • RGB = 119 | 125 | 127
  • HEX = #777d7f

FA Grey

  • CMYK = 10 | 7 | 8 | 0
  • Pantone = Pantone 663 C
  • RGB = 226 | 226 | 226
  • HEX = #e2e2e2

FA White

  • CMYK = 4 | 2 | 2 | 0
  • Pantone = Pantone 663 C | 40%
  • RGB = 242 | 242 | 242
  • HEX = #f2f2f2

FA Complementary Blue’s

FA Medium Blue

  • CMYK = 99 | 77 | 24 | 8
  • Pantone = Pantone 7686 C
  • RGB = 18 | 76 | 129
  • HEX = #0e4b81

FA Aqua Blue

  • CMYK = 74 | 25 | 25 | 0
  • Pantone = Pantone 7459 C
  • RGB = 60 | 153 | 177
  • HEX = #3999b4

FA Light Blue

  • CMYK = 8 | 0 | 2 | 0
  • Pantone = Pantone 656 C
  • RGB = 231 | 245 | 247
  • HEX = #e6f5f8


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide eCommerce and digital business owners with better data, so they are able to make better decisions.

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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Gabe Arnold Google Review

Gabe Arnold

The entire Fully Accountable team has made running my business so much easier. They truly take the stress of financial management and planning off my shoulders as the CEO and give me the data and strategic insights that I need to grow my company.

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Casey Stubbs Google Review

Casey Stubbs

We love the team at Fully Accountable. They have worked so diligently to change and adapt the Dashboard to our ever-changing needs. They are always able to pivot and meet us right where we are at. They have been fantastic. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

See Review
Micaela Minner Google Review

Micaela Minner

If you or anyone you know are looking for a reliable, affordable, and extremely efficient accountant or if you own a business and looking for a company to assist you with your taxes and business handlings you MUST choose this company. I literally can NOT believe how awesome every single person is in their office. And by awesome, I mean friendly, smiling, and just simply good people…It’s not an act either because I can read people really well. This company helped the company I co-own with taxes, loans, and ANY thing I needed help with… They were VERY QUICK to get back with me answering all my questions, ESPECIALLY during the COVID-19 quarantine. Fully Accountable’s staff will put your mind at ease with information, provide you confidence through their fast actions , and instill some serious good mojo for you and/or your company! Take my advice and call them today, ask for Rachel (she is a super hero) and thank me later! Good luck people!

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John Cho Google Review

John Cho

We’ve been with Fully Accountable for about 6 months now and what can I say. They have become like the left arm of our small business. They have completely taken over the messy analytics we had in place and now providing us with clean data daily that we needed to manage our business. What I am really impressed with is 2 things.

  1. They teach us what to look at and why it is important in the business via their blog, videos, meetings, and over chat.
  2. They help to summarize the data for us to easily understand and digest the data and not just provide big numbers that don’t mean anything.
  3. We’re happy because our biggest pain (analytics and data) was resolved by FA at a fair fee and will continue to work with them.

See Review
2X Media Group Google Review

2X Media Group

Without Fully Accountable I would have no idea how my company is doing or where it can specifically grow. Anyone can crunch numbers but FA has been instrumental in helping me focus on the key areas of my business where if I just put more focus in that direction, I see exponential growth. If you have a business and want to grow, without any headache, talk to them, you won’t be disappointed.

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Thad Winston Google Review

Thad Winston

The Fully Accountable team are always and in all ways professional. They are prompt with responses to all questions and they are amazing at helping to get things set up and speaking to you in everyday language vs speaking to an accountant that is trying to prove how smart they are. Most of all, they get to know you AND your business and then they help to make sure your business works for you instead of you working for your business. Highly recommend their services.

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Peaks Digital Google Review

Peaks Digital

Exceptional group of accountants and book keepers. These guys helped our firm out big time with ecommerce accounting and we could not be more pleased. Attentive service, great attention to detail, lively and friendly team who know’s how to properly get your books done. If you’re in the digital services space, definitely check out Fully Accountable.

See Review
PJ lennon Google Review

PJ Lennon

Fully Accountable is an amazing partner. They care about our business, and they understand it. Fully Accountable’s insight and advice has made a huge impact for us.

See Review

Strategic Partnerships

  • Ship Offers
  • Clickbank
  • konnektive crm
  • ecom empires
  • unicorn innovations
  • usp printing and fulfillment
  • Logo COO Alliance
  • LVRG
  • boss babe
  • peaks digital marketing
  • influence media live
  • bench
False Profits Book

False Profits

We did it again! Two-Time Best-Selling Author, Vinnie Fisher, teams up with CFO, Chris Giorgio to deliver this powerful, no non-sense book on how to pay yourself first!

False Profits Book

The CEO’s Mindset

The CEO’S Mindset Takes Your Business (no matter what size it is at the moment) To The Next Level…