Tucker the corgi. 1 foot of fury, 22 pounds of personality. I may not be large, but I am in charge. You can either find me in the offices running the show or at home with my BFF Muffin. I love to [...]


George saying – I want Scooby to go to bed and leave me alone!!!


Scooby just relaxing! Look at those sexy legs!


I am Scooter I am 8 years young. I love sitting with my humans and giving them lots of kisses. I’ll do anything for a treat. I love my belly rubbed and I take naps all day! You can probably guess [...]


Jack is a chihuahua mix born in Hawaii. He is the joker of our family and is always entertaining with his mischievous ways. We wonder if he was the pet of a Menehune in a previous life before [...]


Ivy is a 17 year old chihuahua, rat and jack russell terrier mix. She was born on the 4th of July and is very spry (especially for her age)


Lucy is an 8 year old rottweiler pitbull mix. When she isn’t by my husbands side working as his service dog; her hobbies include chasing birds and barking at planes.


This is Digger (Formerly known as Skippy)

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