• Owner: Kristy Lundewall
  • Position: Staff Accountant

This is Ariel and Rocket (Ariel on right, Rocket on left). Ariel was born in 2011 when my family took her in from the animal shelter. She was my family’s dog but quickly became my best friend over the years and now my husband and I have “custody” of her full time. Ariel LOVES snowballs but also loves being warm under blankets and sitting right in front of the heater. Rocket was a dog I found running around across the street from my home in 2015. He had 3 owners prior to us before he was a year old. He is absolutely perfect and we have no idea how anyone could have given up on him but we are unbelievably glad that they did. Rocket LOVES to run, jump, and play and anyone who meets him can see that he was very properly named.

Ariel & Rocket - Dogs of Fully Accountable
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