Adam Hinkle

CEO, Creative Quality Time
I went through probably four accountants before I found Fully Accountable and it’s really just been an amazing blessing to work with them because they’ve seen the space, they know even what I don’t know...
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Adam Hinkle is an entrepreneur and co-owner with his wife, Dana Sue, of Creative QT (Creative Quality Time).

They created Creative QT to help not only their only family of 5, but all of those other families out there struggling to keep a clean and organized home.

“Creative QT—which stands for Creative Quality Time—has been a labor of love. We’ve built these kids toy storage and organization products as parents, for parents—because we saw an opportunity and a need. Living in the trenches ourselves has sparked our product ideas for organizing and storing toy, stuffed animals, Legos, blocks, and more, because we thought of something to give parents the small wins that keep us going.”

“And, through Creative QT, we’ve made time together ourselves. Our little tribe has put the “family” in the family brand: our children have starred in our promo videos, labeled the boxes, and sketched out next-gen ideas while together we built a business and a vision.”

Adam and his wife built this company to the point where they were losing track of their numbers and were losing that quality time with their kids trying to figure it out.

That is when they found Fully Accountable.

What were your biggest challenges that you were faced with and how did fully accountable help you?

I went through probably four accountants before I found Fully Accountable and it’s really just been an amazing blessing to work with them because they’ve seen the space, they know even what I don’t know.

So it’s nice to have that level of experience behind me so I can move forward with confidence. The other thing that was a challenge for me is I’m the person that really shouldn’t keep his own books.

I’m not a dollars and cents kind of guy. And apparently the IRS wants you to be. So it’s kind of nice that Fully Accountable, asking me the questions they need to.

Full Accountable takes the ball and runs with it. From there, they try to figure out where things need to be, fill in the blanks where needed. And I just have to be that person as little as necessary. So it’s great to have that level of support behind me as well.

How would you describe the onboarding process?

“I’ve been on boarded by several accounts so far and Fully Accountable definitely was about as seamless as they come.”

So they send you exactly what they need. You put in what your answers are. They went ahead and hooked me up with QBO, cookbooks online. They would have and made all the links between all my accounts. And from there, once they got all the streams flowing, it was actually really easy.

What made you happiest when working with Fully Accountable?

The variety of talent they have in the back office.

Not only that, but they have kind of a guide for everything.

It’s amazing because I can call Fully Accountable for it to say, hey, this is my issue right now. Oh, we got to go on staff for that. So that’s an amazing resource to have here.

What have you been able to achieve since working with Fully Accountable?

I think the major thing I’ve been able to achieve is a lot of peace of mind that is taken care of.

I don’t have to worry about my accounting as much. It all happens in the background and it’s happened to a certain level that I’m super happy with the end result.

It’s really nice that they’ll be able to take the reins and run with it and only call me when absolutely necessary.

What about Fully Accountable surprised you the most?

“This is going to sound bad, and I don’t mean to sound bad, but I think the thing that surprised me the most is I don’t like working with accountants and I like working with Fully Accountable.”

Accountants typically expect you to be and they get upset when you’re not one hundred percent made in dollars and cents on exactly what things are. Fully Accountable bring me in where needed, but they take care of it otherwise.

“It’s great that they understand the balance of I’m a businessman, I’m not an accountant myself. So they actually do the accounting, so I don’t have to think about it so much. So I really appreciate that.”

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