Company Formation

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Company Formation

At Fully Accountable, our digital accounting experts don’t just deal with bookkeeping.

We offer streamlined corporate services and solutions to your company formation. It’s time to set up and maintain your legal entity the easy way. Our team of financial and legal experts can help you understand the different types of legal entities and guide you through the company formation process.

Whether you’re looking for company incorporation, corporate governance, company books, legal representation, fiscal domicile, or unique tax identification, we ensure all of the pertinent details are in place so you can form your business without worrying whether you’re compliant.

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Stop Waiting to Start Your Company. Fully Accountable Can Handle All of Your Company Formation Needs.

It’s easy to get lost when trying to form a new company. Get it wrong and you risk fines, penalties and the wrath of the authorities. Fully Accountable is here to check the availability of your business name, prepare legal documents, and file with state agencies.

Before you’re ready to file for a new business, there’s a few things you need to do.

If you haven’t already done some research, made a business plan, and figured out how you’re going to fund your new business, you should start there. A good business plan is the foundation for your new business. You should have a very clear idea of how you are going to reach your goals before you go through the filing process.

To start off, you will need some type of legal entity in place. They types of legal entities that you can create are:

  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Trusts

If you’re doing any kind of business that requires licensing, you’ll need it sooner rather than later! Since most states require an operating agreement with all members listed and their signature on file before they will approve your application, this is something that cannot be done after the fact! You’ll also need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies an organization. It’s used to collect taxes and identify business entities.

What Goes into Company Formation?

What Type of Company Formation Suits Your Company Best

Company Formation services help you decide what type of entity would work best for your business. Throughout the company formation, our experts will be able to determine whether a corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, or trust is the best option for you.

Company Governance Image

Company Governance

Company governance describes the services provided to companies to ensure they stay legally compliant and in good standing by adhering to local regulations and laws. This ensures you can avoid any fines or penalties that can arise throughout the company formation process.

Company Books Image

Company Books

While forming your company, it is critical to have financial and legal experts ensure you have the correct systems in place to keep you compliant. You must ensure all financial information is accurate within the company books, including ownership, administration, and the governance of your entity.

Legal Representation Image

Legal Representation

Designating Legal representation during the company formation phase ensures that you don’t have to panic when legal complexities arise. You will already know the legal signatory for all of your company activities.

EIN Employer Identification Number and Fiscal Image

EIN Employer Identification Number and Fiscal

An employer identification number is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number and it is used to identify your business entity.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Company Formation Service?

Knowledge of Your Market

Our team offers fractional accounting services and corporate services that simplify the journey to starting your company. Understanding the area will give you a better opportunity to understand the company type that best serves your market and niche. It will also reveal some insight on how to manage your company in the area where you operate.

Legal Procedures and Documentation

Legal procedures and documentation are a critical aspect of company formation. Without the proper procedure and documentation, your company can’t operate legally. Our company formation services simplify this process and help you develop systems that safeguard your organization. We eliminate loopholes and take the stress and worry out of whether a legal technicality will hinder your business.

Saved Time and Money

Because you won’t be worrying about whether your company is legally compliant, you will be able to focus on core areas of your business, such as marketing and hiring. Running a business is complex enough, you don’t need to add legal complexities to the list of your responsibilities. The money you save (and generate) by using an outsourced company formation service is difficult to quantify.

To start, you won’t have to worry about hiring an in-house team to handle these operations. On top of that, you’ll be able to focus on what drives your business and how you can maximize your profits. When you unload your company formation duties, you free yourself up to a load of possibilities that can have beneficial effects down the road.

Another common mistake is mixing your business and personal expenses.  When it comes to maintaining your finances, the IRS has very strict rules. You cannot mix business and personal funds for tax purposes unless you have a separate account or contract in which all income related expenses can be Deducted from what’s left over after paying off debts! Keeping accurate records will help you avoid this problem.

Worst of all is going in unprepared.

Your business will not succeed without an effective marketing strategy. Without a targeted audience, you cannot reach your target and retain customers – which means that investing in some type of advertising is necessary for success! Investing time into studying competitor businesses can help give us insight on how they are doing things better than we do so our own campaign has more chance at being successful.

Talk to one of our experts today about how our company formation services can help you get your business off the ground today!