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Entity Management

Fully Accountable’s entity management experts provide you with corporate compliance, legal entity portfolio management, and unmatched customer service.

With our corporate services suite that includes entity management, tracking impending filing deadlines has never been as easy as when the experts at Fully Accountable implement the most advanced entity management software to pair with your business model!

What Is Legal Entity Management?

Legal entity management describes a method of governance that covers organization. The primary focus of legal entity management is to compile and control your company’s records. These records should include everything from directors and officers, ownership structures, tax strategies, corporate names, and mergers and acquisitions.

A comprehensive entity management group comprises multiple departments, including legal, compliance, finance, tax, and sometimes even HR. The best legal entity management systems keep all of these departments on the same page and streamline compliance.

Legal entities are complex, and their organization is imperative toyour business’s success. Governance requires an efficient legal entity management solution that will help keep your company in good standing by identifying changes before they happen so you don’t get caught with legislation or ruleset updates after-the fact!

With Fully Accountable as your outsourced legal entity manager, we take care of everything for you!

Benefits of Entity Management

There are many benefits to outsourcing the management of your entities. When you outsource your entire entity management process, you don’t have to worry about hiring new employees or training them on how to manage entities. You can continue focusing on what you do best – running the core of your business.

Efficient entity management systems create efficient ways to enter data, ensure company-wide compliance, manage your entity risk, and create a single source for everyone on your team to unite under.

Time Efficient

Time Efficient Governance Tracking

The ability to manage entities efficiently will free up time for the entity manager so they can focus on their day-to-day tasks, such as responding enquiries or taking action in accordance with notifications. One of the biggest advantages when using an automated system like this one is that it reduces workflow times – file reports quicker and automate aspects of workflows! This means you’ll be able not just save yourself some precious minutes every now and again but also make sure everything gets done properly without any hiccups along the way.

Manage Risk

When it comes to managing entity risk, the corporate record and more efficient processes are a saving grace. With real-time data available for stakeholders across your organization there’s no need to worry about missing deadlines because our experts will be in touch to remind you of upcoming due dates. And if that wasn’t enough – you’ll have access to dedicated dashboards so the risks associated don’t go unnoticed.

Manage Risks

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Global Compliance

The legal and compliance teams will be able to focus on what they do best – ensuring that each entity is in compliance with local regulations. This can save a lot of time, money as well as manpower for your business!

Better Data

Gaining access to the experts in the eCommerce industry at Fully Accountable will give you better data for better business decisions. They can create custom solutions to make your reporting easier and more effective.

Accessibility and Having Everything Under One Roof

What’s better than a system that helps you find the right information in seconds? A tool so accessible, it gives everyone access. An entity management system is an excellent way to get any necessary data at your fingertips and make sure they’re seen by the people who need documentation or to sign off on projects!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that outsourced entity management is right for your business?

Sometimes the best help comes from outside your company. If you’re looking for a new Corporate Secretary, or have one in-house who needs temporary or perhaps ongoing support as they learn their way around the role, the experts at Fully Accountable will be able to assist you.

When your legal paperwork and activities are handled by experts in your industry, your business leaders will be able to concentrate on their strategic work instead of having to juggle complex and confusing legal procedures on top of running the business.

Why Do Legal Entity Management and Effective Governance Matter?

Optimized legal entity management systems enable strategic and operational business priorities to take hold across your entire organization. More and more organizations are actively acquiring as globalization progresses. As these businesses continue to acquire, their legal compliance issues will increase. Additionally, other legal transactions, such as spin-offs are on the rise. This increase shows that companies need to be prepared for the M and A process and effective entity management systems are more important than ever.

Inefficiencies in legal entity management can jeopardize these deals, and companies looking to expand their reach into global markets will need to ensure their entity management is efficient enough to scale. Failures in entity management are simply not an option as they can lead to delays, timeline pressures, and unbudgeted costs. Inefficient entity management can also lead to a compromise of operational priorities. With companies facing endless supply chain challenges in the wake of COVID-19 and a rapidly globalizing workforce, the need for an efficient business entity system has never been higher.

How Do You Improve Legal Entity Management?

For any organization trying to understand what steps to take to improve their entity management, the following steps can provide an outline of the questions you need to ask.

  • What is your subsidiaries’ governance framework and is it fully operational across your entire organization? If you don’t have any subsidiary governance framework, you should consider implementing one.
  • Do you run frequent health checks on your legal entities within key markets to gauge their status, compliance requirements, and exposure to risk?
  • Are the organization’s directors fully aware of their responsibilities for each subsidiary to which they are named?
  • Have you Identified inefficiencies and gaps in the current operating model? How is this impacting the business users and other stakeholders?
  • Is your current technology advanced enough to handle your business entity management demand?
  • Are the right people in the right positions to efficiently operate your entity management system?

Fully Accountable- the Leading Provider of Entity Management Services?

Fully Accountable simplifies entity management so you can grow your organization on a global scale without worrying about whether the right systems are in place. Our team of financial experts understand how to implement entity management systems and financial records software that takes the stress out of mergers and acquisitions and other business entity issues.

If you’re looking for ways to make entity management more efficient, we can guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about our entity management offerings.