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Outsourced Human Resources

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HR Admin & Support

Fully Accountable’s Human Resources Admin & Support services will assist your business in the maintenance and administration of essential Human Resources duties including, but not limited to, the following duties: calculation and distribution of payroll, record management of hiring and termination of employees, administration of employee benefits programs, screening and interviewing of applicants, and record management of employee sick time, personal days, and vacations.

HR Admin duties

  • Screening, testing, and interviewing applicants.
  • Payroll: calculating pay, distributing checks, and maintaining payroll records.
  • Maintenance of Human Resources records involve: hiring, termination, change in job roles, employee vacations, employee sick time, and personal days.
  • HR Administers employee benefit programs (These may include student loan programs, medical insurance, savings bonds, disability programs, etc.) The benefit program tasks involve advising employees of eligibility, giving employees applicant information, and notifying employees of approvals.

Risk Management

Fully Accouontable’s will anticipate, identify, and consult with your company to approach and minimize employee-related risks to your business. The most well-prepared business plans are highly vulnerable to being hindered by counterproductive employee behavior, inadequate employee development, poorly managed employees, bad hiring decisions, and other forms of employee risk. Our Risk Management Program will help your company avoid these risks and minimize current risks to your company’s effective operation and growth.

HR-related Risk Management

  • Identify and consult on potential risks to the company (HR-related risks involve risks during the hiring, management, and employee development stages).
  • Application of risk management skills to minimize risk.
  • Provide ways to deal with problematic employees, make good hiring decisions, and help you better manage people across your organization.
  • Improper employment management, employee behavior, improper termination of employees.

Outcomes of poor risk management

  • Reduced earnings
  • Lost time
  • Negative customer relations
  • Obstruction of business plan

HR-Related Compliance

Fully Accountable’s HR-Related Compliance Program will ensure that your company is completing the necessary forms, practices, and procedures required for your company to avoid violation of employment laws and regulations. Our services will assist your company in achieving non-discriminatory hiring procedures, employee safety standards, completion of I-9 forms, proper administration of employee benefits, and other mandatory procedures for the legal operation of your company.

Purpose for Compliance

  • Ensuring your company implements optimal human resources policies.
  • Helping to create an environment which promotes employee engagement and optimal performance.
  • Ensures your business operates within the legal constraints of employment.

Human Resources Compliance Tasks

  • Employee safety standards (OSHA)
  • Sexual harassment, drugs, bullying
  • Non-discriminatory hiring (Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity)
  • I-9 forms
  • Sexual harassment and bullying (Training, policies) Implementation of?

Talent Management

Fully Accountable’s Talent Management Program is a highly structured approach to cultivating a competitive workforce with the skills required to effectively implement your company’s business plans and organizational strategy. Our program will assist your company in attracting distinctly skilled applicants, the constructive development of current employees, the growth of employees’ motivation and engagement, and the retention of vital employees. [Insert Company Name] will guide your company in implementing our proven approaches to the effective management of your company’s talent.

Talent Management:

  • Subset of Human Capital Management
  • Talent Management: methodical (structured?) (Highly structured)
  • Retention of employees
  • Motivate/engage employees
  • Highly Skilled employees
  • Performance feedback

Important Aspects of Talent Management:

  • Recruitment
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Retention

Human Resources Outsourced

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