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Registered Agent

When a business entity forms, they are required to appoint an official called the “registered agent.” But what is a registered agent and why do you need one?

Registered agents are often designated as the one who will receive service of process and official mail for your business, but this isn’t always required. In states where it is not necessary to appoint a registered agent at first formation, documents (often called “articles”) must still be filed with state authorities before they become public record – so make sure you keep track!

Fully Accountable is here to take care of all your registered agent needs. Never worry about your company’s corporate legal services again. We’re here to help.

What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is an individual or business entity accepting tax and legal documents on behalf of another organization. These agents are also known as resident agents or statutory agents and most states require you to have an LLC-registered agent when you form an LLC.

What Are the Benefits of a Registered Agent?

At Fully Accountable, our registered agent services provide you with numerous benefits. Besides receiving the official mail for your business, registered agents maintain your corporate compliance and apprise you of any legal notices or annual report reminders. Registered agents act as gatekeepers for business entities so you can take the appropriate action and resolve any issues that arise promptly.

Registered agents should issue the following documentation on behalf of your business:

  • Tax forms
  • Legal documentation
  • Court summonses and notices for lawsuits
  • Official government correspondence

Why Do States Require Registered Agents?

Registered agents main function is to be able to receive the service of process at a specific location in the state. Service may be delivered in person by a process server or sheriff and in some states it can be delivered by mail. A select few states allow additional delivery methods.

When filing a lawsuit against an entity, it might be difficult to understand who and where you should address and deliver the documents. Because companies are required to appoint a registered agent, and because the registered agent’s name are public, the lawsuit and legal proceedings process is expedited.

Another component of being the registered agent is that you’re designated as the point of contact for the Secretary of State. The filing office might send annual or biennial reports, notices of delinquency, and other important communications to the address of the registered agent. Because companies are required to keep accurate and up to date information on their registered agent, you rest assured the information is reaching the correct person in a timely manner.

Why Choose Fully Accountable As Your Registered Agent?

The registered agent’s job is not only about ensuring that your company has proper notifications in case anything happens with litigation or other legal actions but also for due process purposes. Before any lawsuit can progress, interest must be notified so all involved parties know where things stand concerning their disputes.

As your registered agent, Fully Accountable can help you stay in control of your litigation and service process management activities. We offer a Registered Agent Service that gives our clients absolute authority over their legal outcomes, eliminating unnecessary proceedings. And because we keep complete records on all entity transactions as well as histories from beginning to end – it’s easy for us to provide accurate information about any case or situation at hand!

What Happens to My Business If I Don’t Have a Registered Agent?

Registered agents are required by law and failing to have one can result in significant losses. You might lose the ability to secure loans and initiate lawsuits in the states where you conduct business. You might even jeopardize your limited liability protection.

Can I be Sued if I Don’t Have a Registered Agent?

Not having a registered agent to accept the service of process does not prevent you from being sued. It simply means the court will have to gather jurisdiction using another method. As a result, your business might not have timely notice of the lawsuit and you will struggle to gather a defense.

Can You Serve As Your Own Registered Agent?

Individuals are allowed to serve as their own registered agent in some states, but because there are substantial responsibilities involved in doing so, it is not recommended. The consequences of failing to perform the duties of a registered agent are not worth the trouble trying to do it on your own. The improper handling of service of process can eventually result in a default judgment.

What Is Service of Process?

Service of Process describes a time-sensitive process involving legal paperwork that gives your company an official notice of a lawsuit. It’s easy to figure out who gets legal papers in the case of an individual being sued. It is not as easy to do so when an entity gets sued. It’s not possible to walk into an office building and leave the lawsuit papers on the reception desk.

Service of process ensures all of the documentation is delivered to the correct parties.Your registered agent will also receive the following documents:

  1. Notice of garnishment proceedings against an employee.
  2. Litigation documents once the lawsuit is underway.
  3. Legal notices
  4. Notice of government correspondence

Fully Accountable’s Registered Agents are Committed to Providing You Quality Service!

Fully Accountable’s registered agents are the ideal partner to simplify all of your corporate legal processes. From business formation, annual report filing, and providing multi-state registered entity services, our knowledgeable, personable agents simplify corporate legal services so you can focus on your core strategies and grow your business.

Our accountable agents are committed to providing the highest quality service to your business, no matter your industry. Our team is made up of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will help you with any document delivery or scanning needs that come up over your day-to-day production process. In addition, we offer SOP filing!

Efficient technology solutions can help you electronically route SOP documents directly to the appropriate recipients, as determined by the type of service entity served. The complex criteria for distribution is taken into account with this process that ensures efficiency in your organization’s workflow.

We understand the importance and urgency in maintaining a high level of security for your company’s data. That is why we maintain all applications, along with their corresponding database servers located within world class hosting facilities to ensure that only you can access them safely from anywhere at any time!

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