How Email Deliverability Affects Your B2B Marketing Success Rate

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Marketing & Advertising

You may have the best email message that can convince your customers, but if you are not following the best practices to improve the deliverability rate, no one will buy your products or services.  You have to provide the customer with what they want. You can’t confuse the customer or try to trick them. It is important to know their pain point and hit it exactly. If you provide them better data they will be able to make better decisions. 

It’s good to focus on the optimization of your emails. However, don’t ignore the work that you need to do that will induce your target audience to open and read them. That is where you will get the results that you want. This is how important deliverability is in your marketing campaigns.

You need to know that email delivery and email deliverability are two different things. Let us define them in their simplest terms. Email delivery is when your emails are delivered to the server, while email deliverability is when your emails are placed inside the inboxes of your intended recipients.

How Deliverability Affects Your B2B Marketing

There are three ways that deliverability can affect your B2B marketing. 

1. It Will Help You Win the Inbox Competition

Email traffic has accelerated in unbelievable magnitude at the present time. Today’s business owners have received emails and spams that clutter their inboxes. This situation has caused providers to design strict technologies that will differentiate or separate spams from legitimate emails.  

The Radicati Group, a technology market research organization, projected in 2018 that there are about 3.8 billion email accounts around the world. These accounts generated 111.1 billion emails from consumers and 124.5 billion emails from businesses.

In February of the same year,, a social news aggregator, reported that there are about 14.5 billion spam messages sent each day around the world. You need to consider this situation if you want to get your emails inside the inboxes of your target audience.  

One way of accomplishing this is to provide your target market with fresh, engaging and relevant content. Then deliver your message at the right time and the right frequency. This will enable you to build long term relationships with your target audience. 

2. Your Email Marketing Campaign Will Succeed If You Improve Your Deliverability

Most online businesses focus their efforts on how they can create the most effective emails that will induce their target audience to respond positively. While this is a worthwhile endeavor, it will not produce the results if their emails are not delivered in their recipients’ inboxes.

Improve your email deliverability by deploying an email program that can optimize your email’s inbox delivery and open rates. This should be the foundation of all your email marketing campaigns. One way of doing this is to effectively manage your email list and email programs via email validation services.

3. Your Deliverability Will Improve If You Will Get the Viewpoint of Your Audience

You are competing with hundreds of other businesses that send emails to your customers. If you want to win a spot in your customers’ inboxes, you should approach your customers in their own viewpoints. Consider their preferences, the frequency by which you send your emails and make sure the contents of your emails are relevant to their needs. 

What Affects the Deliverability Rate?

Here are some of the more important things that can affect your deliverability rate:

Sending your email to businesses which are not engaged:

If you send your emails to businesses that are not engaged, your open rates will below. This will not escape the scrutinizing eyes of the ISPs. To them, this means you are sending it to non-engaged customers. That will affect the delivery of your future emails.

Not communicating with your customers:

If a company agrees to receive emails from your brand, but it does not receive an email from you after several months, they will likely forget why they signed up in the first place. By waiting too long to send your first email, you jeopardize your chances of building a good reputation. 

Using unclear subject lines:

An effective subject line will induce your customer to open your email. But if you use subject lines that are unclear and look like spam, your customers and the spam filters that the ISPs use will consider that your email is spam. Therefore, don’t use keywords that will make it appear that your email is spam.

Not using custom authentication:

If you will not authenticate your emails, the ISPs will think that they are not legitimate. Put in place verified DKIM and SPF settings. The receiving inboxes of your customers will have verifiable information that can be used to cross-reference with your email promotions. 

How to Improve the Email Marketing Campaign Deliverability Rate

It is not very difficult to improve your email deliverability rate if you will follow these tips:

Use subject lines that will engage your customers right away:

Get the gist of the information that you want to give your customers. Then put it in such a way that it will instantly hold the attention and arouse the curiosity of the reader. Compose your subject title in a creative and unique way. Spend time in crafting the words of your title so that it will be different from the titles used by your competitors.

Use a Different Provider to Test an Audience:

If your present ISP does not produce the results that you want, get another provider. This will show you if your present delivery is working or not. A new provider will reduce your bounce rates or the number of emails that were not actually delivered to the intended recipients.

Build Quality, Not Quantity:

Spend some time crafting crisp and engaging content. Don’t put too much information on your emails. Whatever information you include must be well-organized so that your audience will not be confused.

Personalize your content. Use short paragraphs and bullet points so that the reader will immediately understand what you want to say. Don’t forget about your CTA at the end of your email.

Test Your Message before Sending Your Email:

Use an email testing tool before sending your email out. This will show you how your message will fare in different corporate spam filters. It will also show you how your message will look on desktop, mobile and web email clients.  


It is crucial to focus on your email deliverability rate. It is an important phase in your email marketing process that influences the final result. Follow the tips given in this article if you want to improve your email deliverability rate.


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