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M&A Advisory

Whether you’re acquiring a company or preparing to sell yours, the Merger & Acquisition process is intense and can distract from running the day-to-day business.

Additionally, there are many players involved, including corporate attorneys, tax experts, and bankers, each of which requiring oversight and coordination.

You will experience peace of mind since you are aware that your process is being handled by the Fully Accountable experts, who know exactly what they’re doing. There are several advantages gained by companies from outsourcing mergers and acquisition advisory services, such as the following:

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End-to-End Support

Outsourcing M&A work to Fully Accountable means your company will have support from the pre-merger planning stage all the way through the close of the transaction. From coordinating and reviewing contracts to assisting with post-merger integration activities, you can expand their in-house capabilities without adding full-time, permanent staff.

Efficient Process

Mergers and acquisitions outsourced experts are able to be cost effective because they have established internal efficiencies and are adept at reviewing and analyzing complex documents. Because the highly-trained Fully Accountable CFOs handling due diligence, contract review, and other tasks involved with the transaction routinely handle that type of work, they can easily identify missing documents or missing information, helping to minimize delays and keeping your company on schedule.

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Fully Accountable understands the confidential nature of M&A deals, and we have internal processes and procedures in place designed to help ensure the security and private nature of the information being reviewed.


Mergers and acquisitions are time-sensitive projects for any company. Tasks that might take your team a couple of days or even weeks to complete can be handled quickly when M&A work is outsourced to the experts at Fully Accountable. Our team has the bandwidth to scale quickly, providing significant time savings.

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Fully Accountable provides outsourced accounting and financial support for mergers and acquisitions, helping you and your company use time more efficiently and effectively. To learn more, contact us!