Strategic CFO Services

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Strategic CFO Services

Gain a strategic CFO partner who can help you shape and execute your company’s financial strategy.

The role of the Strategic CFO has evolved significantly in recent years. No longer focused solely on financial reporting and compliance, today’s CFOs are increasingly called upon to play a strategic role in their companies.

Instead of only looking at the past and present financial metrics, strategic CFOs are looking at how they can develop initiatives that bring long-term financial stability and growth to their companies.

What Is the Difference Between an Operational CFO and a Strategic CFO?

The role of the strategic CFO takes all of the responsibilities of an operational CFO one step further. While operational CFOs are concerned with how the past financial metrics of your company have shaped the present, strategic CFOs are pragmatic-minded CFOs. They understand the past and present state of your company’s finances. But they also implement measures to ensure long-term financial stability and growth.

Strategic CFOs Develop Your Financial Strategy

We understand that every business is unique. You want a strategic CFO who understands how to accentuate your company’s attributes, one that takes a holistic approach to your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Our deep analysis of your business’ current performance and sustainability provides us with the tools to create long-term strategies for long-term success.

Our team of experienced consultants and financial controllers has a wealth of knowledge in various industries, so we can tailor our recommendations to give you an edge over your competitors. With Fully Accountable, you don’t just get one person. You get a team of financial professionals who work closely with you to ensure you understand the strategy we help develop. With customized reports and unparalleled customer service, we put the power in your hands to take control of your future success.

Company Strategy

Our strategic CFOs work closely with your CEO and executive to develop a strategy that not only optimizes business practices, but creates actionable insights into how your business can succeed in the future.

You deserve a CFO strategic plan that utilizes what already exists instead of wasting resources trying something novel that’s not backed by metrics and data. You also deserve a CFO that understands how to streamline your business by getting rid of operational inefficiencies and opening new pathways to capital growth.

Operational Management

True Strategic CFOs don’t merely theorize about the future. They understand how to work with all of the operational managers within your company to streamline your current operation with the future in mind. Purely operational-minded CFOs will only be able to look at how your operations are hurting your business. They won’t be able to unlock the hidden potential waiting to be tapped.

Strategic CFOs work with your operations managers to ensure the company’s various departments operate at maximum efficiency. They must have a firm understanding of what needs done in any given time so they can maximize your productivity, increase profits (and reduce costs) while delivering high quality products or services to customers on schedule with minimal errors–all this without sacrificing customer satisfaction!

But that’s not all strategic CFOs do. They also implement these operational changes with future success in mind. They analyze where your industry is going and because they are also fractional CFOs, pivot depending on the obstacles they see arising in the future.

M&A Advisory

During any transaction or merger and acquisition situation, it’s important for both the buying and selling company to have all the right tools and reports in order to achieve a swift and thorough transaction. That’s where our strategic CFOs come in.

We will help your company through every step of the process, from preliminary analysis and reporting, to forecasting, stabilizing financial functions, advising key team members during the sales process, and preparing relevant documentation. Whether your exit strategy includes partial, public, entity or asset sale, we will make sure that everything is taken care of so that the transition is smooth and successful.

Strategic Tax Planning

Rest easy knowing your company’s taxes are prepared by the right people, with an infrastructure that meets high standards. With Fully Accountable, you not only avoid tax pitfalls, but enjoy peace of mind and compliance with IRS requirements.

We know how much strategic tax planning can affect a business’ bottom line so we work hard to protect all of our clients from liability.

To learn more about how our entity management service can help your business grow.

What Is the Strategic CFO Job Description?

The meaning of the strategic CFO position has changed. Instead of only providing value through the product market mix, strategic CFOs deliver value to stakeholders through cost-effective operations, as well as creating capabilities that set their company apart from its competitors.

So, succeeding as a strategic CFO isn’t only about looking at the future. Essentially, we combine the responsibilities of an operational CFO with those of a strategic CFO. With a strategic CFO, you receive a financial professional who can implement long-term strategies without sacrificing the present.

Strategic CFO FAQs

What Does a Strategic CFO Do?

Strategic CFOs will be able to provide valuable insight into any decision regarding a company’s long-term financial strategy. They will be able to understand the current advantages and disadvantages of a company’s distribution channels. They will also identify the areas available to a company for further expansion. They combine past and present data with future estimates to predict your company’s best path to future growth.

What Are the Main Skills a Strategic CFO Needs?

A qualified strategic CFOs will be able to:

  • Develop sound strategies from analytics.
  • Identify and quantify various risks versus rewards scenarios.
  • Innovate within the company’s existing infrastructure.
  • Provide financial leadership within a company.
  • Carry their strategic mindset into every company analysis.
  • Communicate their objectives and findings simply to the board and other team members.