Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses - Fully Accountable

Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses

At Fully Accountable, we believe that the best advice comes from a trusted advisor.

We know how much strategic tax planning can affect your bottom line and provide peace of mind with compliance to IRS standards. Our strategic tax planning services will help you reduce tax liabilities and ensure full benefits are taken advantage of.

At Fully Accountable, we have built solid expertise in US tax legislation and keep up-to-speed with all tax changes to ensure preparation accuracy and are able to navigate all tax complexities seamlessly. You can rest easy knowing your companies’ taxes are prepared by the right people, with the right infrastructure that meets the highest standards of data security. This layer of expertise allows you to manage savings at the company and personal level.

Pillars Of Our Strategic Tax Planning

Business Tax Preparation


Expert on-time preparation of the local, state, and federal returns for you and your business.

Tax Planning


Strategic tax planning sessions with your SmartBooks tax advisor to optimize your tax strategy.

Business Tax Planning


Expert support and consulting from your SmartBooks tax team available as needed throughout the year.

Tax Planning Without Surprises

Tax Planning Without Surprises

We can’t eliminate your tax bill, but we can certainly head off the surprises in it. That’s why we start our tax work long before your filing deadlines.

Whether your business is an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp, we can help you:

  • Comply with and leverage changing federal, state, and local tax law
  • Manage cash-basis tax liabilities against accrual-basis management accounting
  • Determine appropriate taxation of employee benefits provided to business owners
  • Take advantage of year-end tax management opportunities
  • Manage income, sales, and use tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions
  • Manage cash availability to cover tax liabilities