Outsourced Accounting Services: Spring Cleaning for Your Financial Accounts

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Accounting

As you prepare for the year ahead, it’s time to get some spring cleaning done. Hiring an outsourced accountant can help your business reorganize and make sure all of its ducks are in a row for the upcoming year. With an outsourced accounting firm, your business can engage in productive “spring cleaning” that can help position you for long-term success!

Of course, while some business owners are aware that outsourced accounting can be very productive, others might be hesitant to make any structural changes to their back office. Modifying the way your business operates can be difficult. However, even keeping this in mind, there are many reasons that business owners make the decision to switch to utilizing an outsourced accounting firm.

Outsourced accountants can help your business perform a wide range of functions, including bookkeeping, running an eCommerce platform, tax prep, executive CFO functions, and so much more. Outsourced accountants have the expertise and knowledge of in-house accountants but offer a greater degree of affordability and convenience for you, the owner.

These days, businesses are constantly faced with changes that need to be made. Outsourced accounting services can help your business achieve its long-term goals and give you the peace of mind knowing everything is being handled by an expert. Whether your business is undergoing major changes or is simply hoping to reorganize, hiring an outsourced accountant can be very valuable!

What Services Does an Outsourced Accounting Firm Provide?

One of the best aspects about hiring an outsourced accounting firm is that, contrary to in-house accountants, their services can be easily scaled and customized to meet your business’s specific needs. While some businesses are looking for somebody to help them make it through tax seasons, others will want an expert who can successfully manage all their books, finances, and back office functions.

Some common services offered by outsourced accounting firms include:

  • eCommerce Accounting: an eCommerce accountant can help set-up proper accounting practices for a high transaction business. It can also help you navigate the digital business world, including digital accounting and consistent statement generation.
  • Tax Preparation: hiring an accountant will be crucial for making sure your taxes are done correctly and that you can save money. The accounting team can help with employee tax forms (1099, W-2, etc.), find opportunities for deductions, and answer whatever business tax questions you might have along the way.
  • Fractional CFO: hiring a fractional CFO can help your business make better financial decisions and move closer to achieving its long-term goals. Your fractional CFO can help you develop a sustainable financial strategy that delivers measurable results.
  • Bookkeeping and Statement Generation: hiring an accountant will make it easier to organize and neatly classify all financial accounts. You’ll also be able to create a balance sheet, income statement, and other essential statements.
  • Benchmarking: your outsourced accountant will help your business identify and utilize the best key performance indicators, making it easier to track your progress and make necessary changes.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: an outsourced accountant can prepare your firm to merge with, acquire, or be bought out by other businesses. With the right team by your side, you can be sure you are getting a fair value.

Upon your first meeting with your outsourced accounting team, your business will have an opportunity to discuss its goals, its current financial situations, and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Accounting Firm?

Accounting is a necessary component of the broader business cycle. As a business owner, we know that you will be forced to make difficult decisions. Do you hire an outsourced accountant, hire an in-house accountant, or try to handle all accounting needs on your own?

While every decision will have both pros and cons that come with it, here are a few reasons why outsourced accounting firms are a wise choice to consider:

  • Affordability: when compared to hiring an in-house accountant, the total cost of hiring an outsourced accountant is remarkably affordable. Additionally, with better accounting practices, your firm can find other ways to save money.
  • Scalability: as your business grows, it is crucial to have infrastructure that grows with it. The services provided by an outsourced accounting team can be easily scaled to meet your specific needs.
  • Consistent Support: there are countless different challenges and changes that can emerge while running a business. Having an accounting team by your side can help you navigate whatever obstacles you might face.
  • Data-Driven Solutions: having access to reliable data is key to making productive, measurable changes. By creating accurate statements, using key performance indicators, and tracking performance over time, your business can thrive.
  • Tax Preparation: filing and paying your taxes can be a surprisingly challenging component of running a business. An outsourced accountant can help ensure your taxes are done correctly, paid on time, and that your tax obligations are legally reduced.
  • Comprehensive Planning: as a business owner, it is important to always be thinking about what will happen in the future. Hiring an outsourced accountant will make it easy to plan and adjust as needed.

Outsourcing your accounting to an expert outside of your company can be a great option when you need help with your day-to-day tasks. Outsourced accountants offer the expertise of an in-house accountant, for a remarkably affordable price. Before working with an outsourced accounting team, make sure they take into consideration how best their skills will fit into your business!

Outsourced Accounting: Preparing for the Future

When the weather starts to get warmer, it is a perfect time for reflection and revisions.

During the “spring cleaning” season, take some time to think about where your business is now in contrast with what you want it be going forward. Spring also brings tax season, as well as increased economic activity, meaning that now is undoubtedly the time to make any necessary changes.

Planning for the future requires your business to identify its mission, its KPIs, and the value it can provide. Keeping these things in mind, it becomes much easier to determine which changes will likely move the needle. Ask your outsourced accountant about the ways your business needs to change, as well as the things your business is doing well in the status quo. Their advice, experience, and ability to look towards the future will help make it easy to chart a better route forward.

The need for bookkeeping and accounting is unavoidable, but the ways you execute these important tasks remain within your business’s ability to control. Spring is the ideal time for your business to make a few important changes and set yourself on the path to sustained success!

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