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In order to run a successful business, you need to have the proper systems and processes in place so that you can grow your company. Understanding how you run your business and preparing yourself for growth is something that most business owners don’t have time for – so that’s where we come in…

False Profits: It's Not the Top Line that Pays You!

This will help you be proactive in your business by making forward-thinking decisions that help you keep more of the money you make.

Our experienced CFOs utilize the financial data compiled by our accounting and finance team to better inform and guide you with customized solutions to establish a growth strategy, increase profitability, obtain financing or attract investors. We utilize our real-world experience, industry knowledge and expertise to implement strategic solutions that address a full range of challenges and opportunities.

Many business owners struggle with the finances of the business, simply because they do not understand it. We have an entire team of experienced CFOs that are equipped to help you make better decisions towards growth and profitability in your company. We work along side you to strengthen your competitive edge, showing you to scale a business, and assist.


Take control of your finances with an outsourced Chief Financial Officer. A CFO will be in charge of providing your business with strategic financial insights and guidance.  They will provide recommendations to help your business with:

  • Cash flow 
  • Analyzing financial reporting 
  • Create strategies based on your finances

Be knowledgeable of your business’ past, present, and future financial health backed by hard-numbers and reports that pinpoint areas to boost your business’ efficiency and discover room for growth. With a CFO, you’ll receive financial reporting that forecasts your business’ performance so that you can accurately increase your profits and bottom line.


Your CFO with be responsible for protecting and growing your Company’s bottom line and profit margin.  They will be involved in your business’ planning, implementation, managing, and running of each area of your financial activities. These include: 

  • Strategic financial decisions for profitability
  • KPI and Benchmark reporting objective metrics
  • Managing a budget and forecast
  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • Evaluate  business risks and opportunities 
  • Financial reporting built for your business 


Services CFO Financial


Our job as your CFO is to perform regular in-depth reviews of your finances always looking for trends, processes that are inefficient and opportunities for you to make better and more informed decisions for your business.

Fully Accountable develops a strategic framework to add value and improve the financial performance of your business. Our in-depth competitive benchmarking and analysis will evaluate your business’ current performance and sustainability by providing strategic focus and competitive analysis on your Company in its industry.

You can expect:

  • An analysis of financial statements
  • KPI’s and Benchmark analysis based on your industry
  • Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

Our CFO’s measure your company’s performance and provide unbiased feedback with real-time numbers and stats to help your business grow.

CFO Risk


We provide an expert analysis of your current business and the overall industry. With that information in hand, we can identify both risks and opportunities that can affect your business immediately and in the future. We’ll then work with you and your team to create a plan of action to navigate around the risks and seize every opportunity available to you. Our CFOs search for:

  • Compliance risk
  • Debt risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • M&A risk
  • Process risk
  • Personnel risk
  • Contract risk
  • Security risk
  • Other risks…

Without a CFO managing and mitigating your business’ risk and opportunities, you can damage your business’ bottom line and overall reputation. With Fully Accountable, you will receive carefully constructed estimates and reports that calculate the probabilities of risk, and an evaluation of how certain risks might have financial consequences.

Services CFO Cashflow


We’ll work with you to create financial and cash flow projections that will allow you to determine your current cash flow and what is expected in the future. This type of information gives you insight into when it may be time to:

  • Hire additional employees,
  • Increase your marketing spend,
  • Purchase additional inventory,
  • Invest in new initiatives for your business.

As a business owner, you should have confidence knowing that your Company’s financials are on track to hit your business’ growth and performance goals. Your CFO will provide you with peace of mind with careful planning, analysis, and reporting. 

Cash flow projections enable your business to manage all your cash outflow to ensure your business’s long-term stability. Your CFO will take these projections and make sure that cash is available for payroll, operating costs, and more. 

CFO Strategic


We dig deep into the inner workings of your business. Together with you and your team, we’ll work to identify factors that influence your business’ growth and overall success. Armed with that information we’ll put together detailed financial projections giving us the ability to plan the future of your company strategically.

Our team of qualified CFOs are here to put the most effective financial strategy put in place so your business can grow based on objective data that will lead to proper decision making. Our service provides:

Services CFO Systems


Fully Accountable assess your current business systems to ensure efficiency and accuracy. We’ll also create and implement systems not currently in place to improve overall productivity and profitability.

Things such as your:

  • Financial accounting system. 
  • Accounts payable.
  • Purchasing processes.
  • Operational Process and much more.

While your CFO focuses on your finances, you have the time and feedback to improve your business’ functions. We will create your business’ strategy with financial modeling and analysis, performance monitoring, business dashboard maintenance, and budget analysis. As time progresses your CFO can refine your strategy to account for your Company growth and the phase that it is in.

CFO Growth


Strengthen your business’ internal controls and overall performance with Fully Accountable’s CFO business growth solutions. We focus on all areas of your finances so you can focus on your role in your business. Your CFO will provide you with detailed analysis, reports, and keep a pulse on your finances. Rest assured, your business’ CFO is there to show you exactly what is working adn what is not working in your business so you can make good business decisions on data.

We’ll create an in-depth business growth plan that will allow you the opportunity to strategically plan for scale and growth. Using this plan will give you insight into knowing when to:

  • Raise capital.
  • Add staff members. 
  • Increase sales and marketing spend. 
  • Create more revenue streams or niche down for greater profitability. 

Watch your business grow with our outsourced CFO solutions. 

Services CFO Profitability


We’ll perform an in-depth audit of your entire business operation, looking for inefficient systems, snags and bottlenecks that are costing you profits. Once we’ve identified these pitfalls, we’ll work with you to implement solutions both in the way of new processes and more productive systems.

Your CFO will add value to your business by providing:

  • Historic financial statements & results.
  • Real-time dashboard reporting.
  • KPI monitoring.
  • Annual operating budget. 
  • Rolling forecast. 
  • Cash Management.
  • Entry and exit strategies.
  • KPIs.
  • A budget based on cash flow, overhead, inventory, and more. 

Your CFO is there to help you maximize your business profits and performance.  

CFO Cutting Costs


A CFO is responsible to research and find ways to grow your profit margin and make expense cuts. CFOs suggest new policies and procedures that should be put in place based on an analysis of your cash outflow and your revenue trends.

Fully Accountable CFOs look into:

  • Reducing overhead costs. 
  • Finding more efficient solutions. 
  • Looking at outsourcing opportunities.
  • Looking at creating terms with vendors and additional services. 

We will find financial solutions that may have been overlooked by peeling away the many layers of your finances and discover where to cut costs, not just how much. 


It can be  stressful and time-consuming to focus your attention into trying to raise capital. A CFO will be there to make the process run smoothly. Your CFO will provide all your financial statements, reports and documents to determine what financing options will be most appropriate for your business and your goals. 


The average salary of a Chief Financial Officer is $130, 249 annually. 

Outsourcing a CFO with a high level of experience in finance and accounting will not only save you money, but turn your financial department into a profit center. By outsourcing your CFO, you won’t have to pay a hefty salary of an in-house employee’s expenses which includes health benefits, vacation time, sick days, etc. You want a CFO who is dedicating their time on reviewing and analyzing your Company performance.  Our CFO comes with an entire team that manages the day to day of your accounting so that you can spend your time on your highest and best use and your CFO can work on growing your bottom line. 

Outsourcing is the most cost-effective method of managing your finances.

Why Fully Accountable?

  • Complete Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Thorough Opportunity + Risk Analysis
  • Receive Complete Cash Flow Projections
  • Strategic Financial Planning Suggestions
  • Maximize Profitability + Grow Your Business

Our dedicated team of US-based CFOs at Fully Accountable are experts in accounting and financing. Your business deserves to grow and with a thorough financial analysis, industry benchmarking, and setting objective KPI metrics for performance, you can objectively scale your business profitably. With Fully Accountable proprietary system, ‘Your Back Office’, your business will receive top-notch outsourced services that incorporate everything your business needs to succeed from KPIs to management reporting.    

Fully Accountable is with you every step of the way. Cut costs, save money, grow your business. 


  • 1. What actions are required to improve our weekly cash generations
  • 2. What changes to our pricing model could improve our sales and profit?
  • 3. Where are the greatest risks to our planned profit target for this year and what actions could to be taken to reduce this?
  • 4. What the the biggest constraints holding back our business?
  • 5. What products/services are the most profitable?

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