We help eCommerce and Digital companies with their accounting, cash flow, budgeting, forecasting, and so much more. Whether you need consulting or done-for-you outsourced accounting services, we are full back office solution. We tailor our services to fit your needs and help you make smart, profitable decisions through our proactive and forward thinking advice.


  • Make Difficult Decisions with Real Time Numbers
  • Receive Customized Solutions, with Reliable Communication
  • Fully Web Based Services, Using Quickbooks
  • Receive Daily Updates, & Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • No Need to Worry About Submitting your Accounts, or Having High Risk of Tax Liabilities

Onboarding Process

onboarding process

Logins Collected

Our Client Success person will reach out to you requesting ALL logins once your proposal has been signed and processed. She needs logins where ANY money is involved! Once she receives the logins, she will test and enter them into LastPass.

Launch Call

After all logins have been collected and tested, your Onboarding Accountant and Fully Team will schedule a launch call with you to discuss your business pain points and objectives.

Days 1-30

Your Onboarding Accountant will set up and and clean your accounts during this time. Make sure to keep an eye out for emails with questions regarding your accounts. Your Onboarding Accountant is working hard at putting structure and strategy in place in these first 30 days.

Day 30

Your 1st monthly management report is delivered to you for review.

1st Financial Call

Schedule a call with your Onboarding Accountant and Fully Team to review your 1st management report. This is your chance to discuss what you like and don’t like about it. The team will also discuss other KPI’s, Metrics, and Reporting to be implemented or modified in your monthly management reporting.

Days 31-60

In the second half of your onboarding process, your Onboarding Accountant will integrate all feedback from the call into reporting. She will also add in any additional KPIs, metrics, and reporting discussed.

Day 60

Your 2nd monthly management report is delivered to you.

2nd Financial Call

Your Onboarding Accountant and Fully Team will have your final onboarding call with you to review the updated reporting and discuss any new changes you’d like to see.

You’re Onboarded!

Congratulations! You’re officially a part of the Fully team. Now your Onboarding Accountant will transition out and your assigned Fully Team will take over and be your main point of contact.

Accounting Services

We provide everything an accounting department would offer an eCommerce and digitally based company. When we close out monthly financial reporting, we are always focusing on making good expense decisions to maximize reductions and afford every opportunity the tax code has for the business owners’ company. This results in saving wasted tax dollars, which is what our financial experts focus on.

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Fully Accountable - How We Work

Finance & Data Analysis

Our outsourced finance department will help you achieve profitable growth with our financial benchmarking and solid infrastructure services. We work with our clients to determine the true key performance indicators and metrics that represent the present state of the business and discuss action items to ensure strategic goals are achieved.

We also provide all our clients with daily/weekly reporting that provides them with real-time insight into their eCommerce and digitally based business, that helps increase its value. Our team will also provide business owners with an estimate of future financial outcome based on sound metrics. We provide accurate and timely budgeting, analysis, planning and forecasting to determine and detail short-term and long-term financial goals. The last thing our finance and stats team will do, is look at the data to assess companies with their overall competitiveness, efficiency and productivity in the digital and eCommerce industry.

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Fully Accountable - How We Work

eCommerce Accounting Services

Work with a team of accounting and financial experts who are well-versed in the eCommerce industry. Our team offers a wide range of financial solutions to help your business grow and increase your cash flow. While you focus on the daily operations of your company, we handle your accounting needs, bookkeeping, account reconciliation, tax preparation, forecasting, budgeting, and reports. If you are a seller on Amazon, investing in comprehensive outsourced accounting solutions will keep you on track. Our eCommerce accountants utilize QuickBooks and Amazon accounting best practices to ensure you save time and money.

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Fully Accountable - How We Work

CFO Consulting Services

Our CFO advisory services give business owners the proper systems and processes they need to grow their company. We understand how business owners need to run their eCommerce and digital based business and have time to grow, so that’s where we come in. Our experienced CFO’s utilize the financial data compiled by our accounting and finance team, to better inform and guide business owners with customized solutions to establish a growth strategy, increase profitability, obtain financing or attract investors. We utilize our real-world experience, industry knowledge and industry expertise to implement strategic solutions that address a full range of challenges and opportunities in the digital and eCommerce industries.

Our job as a business owner’s CFO is to perform regular in-depth reviews for businesses financial information always looking for trends, processes that are inefficient and opportunities for business owners to make better and more informed decisions for the company. We will provide expert analysis of the business owner’s current company and the overall digital and eCommerce industries. With this information in hand we can identify both risks and opportunities that can affect your business immediately and in the future.

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Fully Accountable - How We Work

Done for You

Receive a plan created for action to navigate around the risks and seize every opportunity available. As the business owner, you’ll get financial and cash flow projections that will allow you to determine your current cash flow and what is expected in the future. You’ll also get assistance with developing and using systems, financial planning, business growth, and where about how to maximize profitability. Our goal is to help you, the business owner, focus on your business while we focus on the numbers.

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