Mike Halekakis

Mike Halekakis

Digital Romance

I most appreciate the fact that I have a great reduction in my overall anxiety about how my business is doing.
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What is your favorite thing about working with Fully Accountable?

I most appreciate the fact that I have a great reduction in my overall anxiety about how my business is doing. Prior to Fully Accountable, I was essentially playing the CFO role myself in addition to setting strategy and being the CTO. It was a lot of work. Now, I’m able to make data-based decisions. I have a much better understanding of all the moving parts of the business which have gotten more complex over time. I’m able to make decisions more confidently.

You all have done such a great job for us that we’re in the process of expanding your role. Not only do we have Fully Accountable writing reports and doing bookkeeping, we’re also moving all our tax management to you. That’s really a reflection of how impressed I have been. I see no reason to not have you doing all the whole thing, end to end.

How has adding Fully Accountable to your team helped your business?

I’ve had issues in the past with runaway spends that I was either not aware of or only partially aware of. Big errors that didn’t get caught until late has become a thing of the past. Now that I can track stats daily, I feel a lot better about how business is going.

I would certainly say that the daily profit roundup is an important insight included in our report. Being able to see results in real time and being able to easily look at the trends to know if there’s anything that I have to manage on my end has been incredibly important to me. I also outsource the management of Google and Facebook traffic, so being able to easily see how those folks are doing and what the spend looks like has been helpful. We have also had instances in the past where one day we’ll spend a ton of money with Google unexpectedly and that hadn’t been caught very quickly. It’s really great to be able to quickly go and look at the reporting and see the day to day.

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