Ryan Rouse

Ryan Rouse

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Getting dialed into our cost of goods was huge…
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The fastest change for us that came from them was… we’ve got a meal delivery company, so our kitchen, our cost of goods is very high. How you break out those percentages, so what’s the food cost as a percentage, hourly labor cost in the kitchen… so getting dialed into our cost of goods was huge.

The report was a weekly report that is an estimate, but a very good estimate of that. So, rather than looking 45 days after, 15 days after the month closes at what it was… because we have hourly employees… We now can look at it and say, okay last week our hourly labor was pretty high in relation to what it’s been in the past and we’re looking at it right now so we can talk to our kitchen manager immediately and say, “hey, it got a little high, why was that?” Maybe there’s a reason for it, maybe there isn’t. But, 45 days later that conversation doesn’t really make a lot of sense if I ask what happened 6 weeks ago, relative to asking what happened last week… It’s a different conversation and a different end result.

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