Craig Collins

Craig Collins

Mindful Health
Fully Accountable helps us make high level business decisions.
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My name is Craig Collins, my position is CEO and Co-founder. We have 3 businesses, so one is an online fitness and nutrition program, another is a superfood products company, and is a personal brand related to the health, fitness, and well-being space.

How has adding Fully Accountable to your team helped your business?

The toughest part of my job is managing the personnel. We were led to Fully Accountable because we did not have an internal finance team and we did not have the ability to accurately track our finances in a way that enabled us to make business decisions. We sought Fully Accountable because of their expertise operating as CFOs and CPAs to help us create financials in such a way that we were able to make better business decisions with the numbers.

Fully Accountable helps us make high level business decisions by breaking out the financials for our two primary companies that we have now. In separating the financials, we’ve been able to have much clearer visibility into the profits of both companies. We’ve also been able to see the potential risks that we have in one of our companies in particular as a result of being able to have this high level financial view that’s presented on a monthly basis.

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