Austin Wright

Austin Wright

California Beach Co.
Working with Fully Accountable is a great experience because I feel that their team really is part of our team. Even though it’s outsourced, we feel like it’s family.
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What is your favorite thing about working with Fully Accountable?

Working with Fully Accountable is a great experience because I feel that their team really is part of our team. They go above and beyond to not just do our books, but jump on the phone if we want to talk strategy, planning, or future budgeting. Even though it’s outsourced, we feel like it’s family.

How has adding Fully Accountable to your team helped your business?

I would say the most impactful is better managing our cash flow. That was one of our biggest challenges of our startup.

We launched our company about 2.5 years ago. We had a fairly large Kickstarter campaign, so the first year or so of business was a rollercoaster. It was initially a huge launch and then it was tons of struggling for the next six months trying to keep up with the demand, fulfilling orders, figuring out worldwide logistics, and all that stuff that we had never really dealt with before.

We had an accounting firm prior to Fully Accountable, but it was not very high level. So as we started to grow, we got connected with Vinnie. So we jumped ship with the other group and signed on. It’s really helped smooth the ride. Seeing reporting, dashboards, all that kind of stuff has been the most beneficial for our business and cash flow.

In 2.5 years, I haven’t found any kind of good reporting that, at the click of a button, can show you the stuff I wanted to see until I got with Clay, Kelli, and Patrick at Fully Accountable. I told them one of my biggest challenges was really this dashboard, this visibility of the business that I need to see, and they said they’d build it for us! We’ve gotten to the point where every single day I have a daily performance snapshot coming in with every metric of the business. So at any given time, I can pop in my email and see exactly where the business is. I think when we first got that built out, that was my moment of relief. That was a big thanks to the Fully Accountable team.

I was unaware that you offered CFO-type positions when I first signed on, I thought it was just basic accounting. I would have signed on anyway, but when we started doing over eight figures, the team approached me and told me we should look at having a fractional CFO or a controller position. At that level it became about the future, forecasting, and budgeting, which are equally as important as accounting. We brought on Patrick with Fully Accountable who’s been our CFO for a couple of months and we’ve just been really happy with him on a weekly, or sometimes daily basis in addition to Kelli and the rest of the team handling the books. It’s been really beneficial.

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