Implement These 6 Strategies To Avoid Mediocrity In Digital Marketing

Vinnie Fisher

Spending on digital advertising is about to skyrocket even more than it already has over the years. In the U.S. alone, spending is predicted to get up to 118 billion in the year 2020. Whether it’s taking advantage of different ways to film and capture photos, designing a sleek new web page, creating an app for your brand, or starting a Facebook campaign, digital marketing is very effective. Emerging technology is continuing to give companies new creative ways to market and brand their products. In this article, we will cover 6 strategies to avoid mediocrity in Digital Marketing. Learn how emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, can keep your brand ahead.


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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a good space to get creative by utilizing things like videos, graphics, and podcasts for example. The goal is to create appealing content by telling a story or writing copy that hits on emotional pain points. Content that can stimulate an interest in the product or service your company is offering. The most effective way to do this is by coming up with a content plan that your company commits to. Also, a strategy for the platforms you wish to post on. Paid advertising can boost awareness, but there are effective ways to post organically on social media to gain that need brand recognition and building trust with your audience. The key to building this trust is to stick with it and not give up. Especially when traffic is slow at the beginning, be sure to continue to feed your audience.


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Value Driven Marketing

Value Driven marketing is all about creating that differentiation so that you end up with customer loyalty. You must convey how you will benefit your customer. This way they will find value in what you’re offering and choose to stick with you long term. One of the best ways to do this is understanding your customer and their needs. This is not so much about pushing the product, but really connecting with the customer. This will help build trust in the brand, and in turn, the company will receive good feedback and referrals. This is crucial for future growth!


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SEO or search engine optimization, although you can pay for it, it focuses on building organic traffic, which means traffic that is not being paid for. The first step to this is quality content, which will increase customer interaction. To give the customer a good experience with this, the website must be smooth, fast, and also incorporate technical and creative elements. Examples of this are using real images and same color code to keep things up to speed, using links or keywords to increase interaction, or focus on social media presence to boost website traffic. Search engine optimization is taken into great consideration when designing content and websites in marketing.


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Virtual Reality

An interesting technology that is continuing to emerge and be utilized by certain companies is called virtual reality. This is an immersive three dimensional video that makes the video seem real. Although this is not being extensively used right now it will be in the future. Companies like Samsung are heading the way for this technology that is subject to change marketing drastically. It is an impactful source of content and makes user experience more memorable. This will be a good way for companies to demonstrate and promote their products.

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Filmmaking and Photography

With apps like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and VSCO, filmmaking and photography has become a very effective way to market a company’s product. Creating interesting content in these spaces is key when getting customers interested in their product. Video and image makes consumers more likely to click because it evokes emotion. Also, consumer’s attention span is short which means they are not always so willing to read. Therefore, providing image and video creates an advantage. This space can help boost SEO and organic traffic because of the many platforms and versatility of the space.


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Data Analytics

More and more money is being spent on big data. With the increase in technology, the amount of data accessible is growing exponentially, and it is becoming easier for us to understand it. Data analytics is becoming one of the biggest influencers in companies, whether it’s creating business strategy, or improving operations, it can be utilized in all areas. Companies use the power of data to drive their social media platforms and provide them with valuable insights. These insights allow businesses to niche down on their target audience so they spend money on advertising that’s most likely to result in sales.

However, look out for ads that appear to be doing well and making you money! Why? Mainly because social media platforms cannot show you how those numbers are affecting the overall bottom line of your business. For example, if you make a lot of sales online, are you considering the refunds and chargebacks– how will that affect your account? Learn more about how to manage your marketing spend here.

Bottom line, you need to implement digital marketing in order for your brand to gain exposure and your business to last. Focusing on the newest ways to reach your ideal customer is important, but you also need a strategy on how you will interact with them once you get there. Building your brand by providing value to your target audience through content that creates a want and desire for your product or service is key!


Vinnie Fisher is a two-time best-selling author of The Best Investment: A Better You and The CEO’s Mindset: How to Break Through to the Next Level, and the CEO of Fully Accountable, an accounting, finance and human resources full service and software solution for small businesses. Vinnie also hosts his own podcast the Total CEO, where he talks with business owners and entrepreneurs regarding the joys and challenges of growing and scaling a small business effectively.

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6 Strategies to Avoid Mediocrity in Digital Marketing - Fully Accoutnable
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6 Strategies to Avoid Mediocrity in Digital Marketing - Fully Accoutnable
In the U.S., spending is predicted to rise to 118 billion by 2020. Learn how emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, can keep your brand ahead.
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