Meet the Dogs of Fully Accountable

The team here at Fully Accountable really loves our dogs! We wanted to show our passion for our doggos by sharing some pictures and our favorite things about them. Check them out below!


Tucker Photo


Tucker the corgi. 1 foot of fury, 22 pounds of personality. I may not be large, but I am in charge. You can either find me in the offices running the show or at home with my BFF Muffin. I love to play all day and I never stop smiling. Smiling is my favorite. I’ll do anything you ask for a treat or a belly rub.

Pet Information:

Mia Photo


Mia is a Mini Australian Shepherd (blue merle) who will be 5 in September (2021). She loves treats, walks, giving hugs/cuddles, and barking at nothing. She HATES car rides and loud beeping noises (i.e. smoke alarms or delivery trucks backing up).

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Scooby Photo


Scooby just relaxing! Look at those sexy legs!

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George Photo


George saying – I want Scooby to go to bed and leave me alone!!!

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Ralph Photo


Ralph hanging out with his bud Scooby.

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Brutus Photo


Brutus is a Miniature Pinscher. He is 3 years old and full of energy. 9 lbs with 110 lbs of attitude. He loves people but has to let you into his “inner circle” first.

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Cheyenne Photo


Cheyenne is a 14 year old blind Chihuahua. We rescued her from Franklin County. She is the only one that is allowed to put Brutus in his place. She loves everyone except our cat, Zeus.

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Remmi Photo


Hi my name is Remmi! I am a very classy lady! I enjoy the finer things in life including belly rubs and sleeping in the bed with my parents. I am very quick and protective of my brother (Ethan and Granger). I love to play fetch for hours. I love expensive treats and long runs.

Pet Information:

Granger Photo


Hi My name is Granger! I love being the center of attention! Also anything that looks like food or is close to looking like food is my favorite ! I love to lick anyone and everyone. I think I am a lap dog even though I am very large. I love running around and swimming. I am one big goof ball.

Pet Information:

Champ Photo


“Hello! My name is Champ! I enjoy playing with my ball, long naps and hanging out with mommy and daddy. I am smart and my vocabulary consists of outside, toy, ball, foodies, and bath (which I do not like).”

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Rollo Photo


Rollo is a 4 year old Border Terrier mix. Rollo enjoys long walks on the beach and is very intellectual. He can be found giving lectures on the importance of equality in the canine world or picking up the chicks at the park.

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Laila Photo


Laila is the Queen B who keeps everyone in check. She is a 10 years young Min Pin who enjoys bossing every other living thing around. She is quite affectionate with those she knows well. Look out if she gives you the side eye!

Pet Information:

Freya Photo


This little nugget of love is Freya. She is 10 weeks old. Freya is Rollo’s side kick. You can find her stealing slippers and dragging toys all over the house. Biologically, she is Rollo’s cousin but she is being raised as his sister. She makes our family complete!

Pet Information:

Shadow Photo


Hi, I’m Shadow and I live on a Farm. I am incredibly good at herding, I’ve not let one duck out of the pen yet! There’s a cat in the barn that I’m unsure of and my best friend is a goat named Rowdy.

Pet Information:

Ralph Photo


Ralph the hedgehog loves to sleep all day but wakes up for dinner each night (they are nocturnal). He likes to push around little cat toys and eats kitten food. His favorite place is to be snuggled up in a blanket.

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Milley Photo


Milley is our 12 year old shih tzu who would rather sleep on the back of a couch than chase squirrels.

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Axl Photo


Hi! My name is Axl! Brought home for my humans 7th birthday. Named after Axl Rose because I rock an amazing 80s permed mullet and also because Levi (my 7 year old human) loves 80s music! I'm a pure bred good boy and love playing catch!

Pet Information:

Bowie Tigrul Nosferatu Photo

Bowie Tigrul Nosferatu

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism where I study everything about the Middle Ages. I am a drummer, an archer, a photographer, and love to travel and explore all things history.

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Stevie Leoaica Rechin Photo

Stevie Leoaica Rechin

Stevie is a 10-month old fawn Boxer. Stevie "the Lioness" "the Shark" in Romanian. Stevie is a wild child but will be the best mom!

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Tigo Photo


Very gentle, loving, and old

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Jakob Photo


Jakob is a 6 month old Shiba Inu, he goes back and forth between a ball of pure energy and the king of naps.

Pet Information:

Callie Photo


Callie is a shy and still-growing Husky/Pomeranian ("Pomsky") puppy born mid-2022. She likes to solve doggy toy puzzles absurdly quickly, take baths and drink from the faucet, and annihilate plush ducks. She prefers to stay just out of arm's reach, but if she finds herself in a lap, she will melt into a snuggle bug and sleep there for hours.

Pet Information:

Jack Photo


Jack is a Goldendoodle puppy and full of energy! He loves to run, play, jump on his owners, and discover the world. When he finally decides to take a rest, you'll find him in his spot in the house trying to catch some warm sunlight.

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Luna Photo


Luna is a Great Dane mix who loves going on walks and chasing animals in the yard! At the end of the day, she just wants to hang out and get a belly rub.

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Roberto "Bob" Martinez

Bob is a Great Dane with a gentle soul. He hates thunder and firecrackers and loves to sit on my lap.

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Zip Photo


Zip is a cattle dog who is too ADHD to work cattle. :) He is a sweet doggy with extreme amounts of energy.

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Eve & Teal Photo

Eve & Teal

Eve is a 14-year-old lab. She sleeps a lot in her old age but has much love to give. Teal is a 3-year-old lab. She is sweet and loving, but has no sense of personal space and is spastic at times!

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Layla Photo


Layla is a 3-year-old German Shepard. She has a lot of energy

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Duke Photo


Duke is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is the biggest baby!

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