Why You Should Hire a Virtual Back Office for Your Accounting Needs

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Why You Should Hire a Virtual Back Office for Your Accounting Needs

Are you struggling to balance running your business while being your own accountant? Are you overwhelmed with numbers that just don’t make sense to you? Are you spending too much valuable time on accounting when you should be focusing on your business? You probably don’t even know if you made money last month. If this sounds like you, it’s probably time to hire an accountant.

Running your business without the extra distractions should be your daily focus. Taking the time to give your business the full attention it needs can be a reality. Virtual accountants will help you make better use of your time, money, and resources. Bettering these three points are essential in growing your business.

Save Time

Owning a business is a full-time job. Outsourcing your accounting to a virtual back office enables you to devote the time needed to grow your business. Hiring a virtual back office saves you the time and frustration of dealing with your company’s books. Time is your best resource. You need to stop wasting it on doing your own bookkeeping. Back-office functions can be a huge distraction for your day-to-day priorities. Eliminating these allows you to focus on your highest and best use for the company.

Aside from giving you real-time accurate numbers, the best part of a virtual back office is that they don’t take vacation days, have sick days, or require employee benefits. With the burden of the books off your plate, you are able to build a company and use your time to its full advantage for the company and because you have more time to focus on the business you can have more confidence for better strategic decisions.


As a business owner, your way of gauging success in your business is by checking your bank account. The more money you have in your account, the better you are doing.

Being able to save money allows you to have better cash flow that can be focused for the growth of your business. Knowing your numbers allows you to cut operating costs and manage your spending better so that you can invest in your business. A virtual back office will be able to guide you with all your financial questions like knowing when you are able to hire more employees. A virtual back office will be able to not only discuss what is going on with your current finances but advise you on how to fix any financial burdens. They are dedicated to knowing the numbers of your business in real-time which helps you to make better business decisions and know where to spend and save your money.

A virtual back office can help you with is the real-time accounting for your business. Real-time accounting allows your accounting team to interpret, classify, report, analyze, and summarize your financial data accurately and on time each day. They take the time to review, decipher, and give you advice on how to best use the information. This helps to make important decisions and restore your businesses financial intelligence. By delivering these real numbers, in real-time you are able to gauge your company’s progress and financial reports when needed.

Using a virtual accounting department saves you money because you are only paying for what you need. No extra costs are charged to you and you’re not getting less than you deserve. You get an entire accounting department for a fraction of the price.


A virtual back office gives you more access to the top tools in the industry. You have access to larger platforms and software, real time data of where your finances stand, and someone who can explain the data in simpler terms while doing all the work. Most business owners aren’t able to spend the time on expensive programs or keep up with the changing laws and regulations, but a virtual back office can. A virtual back office uses systems that create nightly backups and keep organized records and book for years, ensuring you a peace of mind.

Having a virtual accounting department is a great way to gain full-time knowledge of your business without having to pay for it around the clock. Being able to put your books in the hands of a virtual back office relieves your burden of having to do them. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure. It allows you to use the time you have served and expenses you have used to get resources to invest in the growth of your business.

A virtual back office saves you time and money to get resources to grow and scale your business. The biggest resource you will get from your virtual back office is knowing that the time and money you are saving by having someone else do your accounting will be invested back into the business. You know have time and energy to invest in other areas of the business to help it grow and fix areas that need help.

Using the talents of a virtual back office can be what your company needs to become an even better version of itself. As the business owner, you have enough work that needs to get done daily, so why not make it easier for yourself and the company to bring in an expert to get the job done.


Vinnie Fisher

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Vinnie fisher is an entrepreneur, author, husband, and father of 4. A lawyer by trade, for almost ten years, Vinnie focused on tax planning, corporate formation and operation of closely held businesses. Vinnie was a principal partner in his law firm that he wound down to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. After the creation of a series of successful internet and e-commerce companies, he discovered a much needed service for business owners. In 2014, Vinnie opened Fully Accountable, an outsourced accounting and finance firm for e-commerce and digital businesses. Today he serves as the CEO of the company. Fully Accountable a cutting edge firm that offers done for you services that includes everything from master bookkeeping to fractional CFO services. We are digital experts specializing in high transaction businesses. Our clients are all over North America. We offer a complete accounting back office for your business costing less than the price of an entry level person in your company. Our data analysts and accountants do the work and provide the proactive, forward thinking feedback you need to make the right decisions to increase your growth and double your profit margin.