Data Analyst

Fully Accountable, a game changer for the small to medium sized digital based business, is looking for a bright, versatile data analyst r for immediate full-time hire to join a powerhouse team of ninja marketers.

Fully Accountable is a fun, fast paced environment of like-minded people looking to make a difference in the world. At Fully Accountable, we believe that a person with A LOT of ideas and random thoughts is BRILLIANT! Our goal is to continually educate and provide high quality resources to our community. We collaborate. We laugh. We work hard every day. We are Fully Accountable.

Are you a self-starter who loves to figure things out? — Are you someone with incredible follow-through skills who can take an idea and see it through to implementation? Do you love to accomplish a goal and then move on to the next project? Can work on multiple projects with multiple deadlines?

As a Data Analyst, you’ll work as the MVP/point/key player in performance reporting for your clients, in collaboration with the accounting team, as well as playing a role in the day-to-day operations of the office. If you want to work in a fun, fast-paced, highly creative environment, then you’ll love this job!

Job Duties:

  • Daily performance reporting analysis;
  • Record statistical details on client scale reports;
  • Decline revenue analysis and recovery;
  • Review adjusted revenue information for variances;
  • And daily feedback reporting.

Required Skills:

  • Self-starter who doesn’t want to be micromanaged;
  • Amazing follow-through;
  • Attention to detail and an analytical mindset;
  • Microsoft Excel;
  • Excellent client relationship skills;
  • Self-starter who doesn’t want to be micromanaged;
  • Creativity and problem-solving;
  • Attention to detail and an analytical mindset;
  • Impeccable time management of both your own and the Partners’ schedules;
  • Goal-oriented and likes to get things done;
  • Able to overcome obstacles;
  • And works hard but likes to have fun while getting things done!

Our Hiring Process

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